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Social Decay "Life's Not Hard… You're Just Soft" 7"

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2005 @ 12:01am » permalink

Social Decay - Life's Not Hard... You're Just SoftSadly I don't know much of anything about this sorely overlooked New Jersey hardcore act, so if anyone has some accurate information about these guys, please hit me up. Pretty much all I can tell you about Social Decay is that they released this awesome 7", "Life's Not Hard… You're Just Soft", in 1990 on a New Jersey label called Eightball Productions. The end. My copy is missing the insert, so all I've got to go on is the band photo on the back, where they don't even list the lineup or anything. They recorded in May of 1990 at D.A.C. Studios and their sound is somewhere between the heavier, Madball-esque side of traditional NYHC and a slightly more metallic crossover edge both musically and in terms of some of the vocal patterns. The songwriting kicks ass, too (check out the chorus of "Truth in the Proof").

Being 15 years old there are some rough spots to the recording, and I could've probably cleaned this rip up a little more if I had a few spare hours, but… I don't, and it still sounds pretty damn good for its age, so… check this shit out. This record is hard as fuck to find and I had to basically track someone down that had it on their trade list and make them an attractive offer to snag one for myself. Hope you dig it as much as I do.

1. "Dreams or Reality"
2. "Rotate the Tables"
3. "Price of Life"
4. "Truth in the Proof"
5. "Stepped on My Pride"
6. "All I Feel is Pain/Exit"

I once read on some weird Japanese website that this 7" contains a cover song by Locked Up in Life (one of James Ismean's pre-Fury of Five bands) with Ismean handling some backing vocals, but there's no indication of that anywhere on the packaging and I'm not hearing any backing vocals that sound even remotely reminiscent of his later work with Fury of Five, so… the truth is in the proof! If anyone has any information on this speculation, or any further information regarding Locked Up in Life, you know the drill… let me know! Edit: I've got an insert, and this has all been verified as true!


  1. stabmasta says:

    i had never even heard of this band beofre i checked them on here and oh shit they're well good!!! yet another jem for the blog!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    CONFUSION's first show was with SOCIAL DECAY in 1990….


  3. Anonymous says:

    I had seen the name of the band on flyers in the old days, but never heard them,… and Im positively surprised.


  4. Anonymous says:

    social decay is the real deal – good work. may i suggest altercation for an upcoming entry.

  5. jim fucking winters says:

    i meant to get you some Social Disorder too…familiar?
    actually i think we have the discography here. a nyhc band no one paid attention to, maybe too metallic for the time, but killer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Social Decay came out of New Jersey in the late 80's. I jammed with them a couple of times. They're the real deal but it seems they never got enough exposure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The guitarist for Social Decay was Tommy Southard. I think his most recent band is called Solace

  8. Anonymous says:

    The 7" came with an insert. Yours is missing. They do cover a Locked Up in Life song. I think SD started around 84-85. They had 2 demos, and at least one song on a tape comp as well. If you have space to host images, I could scan a few old SD flyers.


  9. Unknown says:

    gave me goosebumps

    absolutely great stuff

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tom Southard was a part of this. Probably a fiasco top to bottom. Boy couldn't find his ass with both hands

  11. Anonymous says:


    this brother will be sadly missed…

  12. Sherri says:

    Social Decay was a way of life for me. I was close with all of the guys in the band and we had great times over the years. I recently re-connected with both Pugsy (singer) and Tommy Southard (ah, the powers of Myspace). Tommy and Rob are both now in Solace. Pugsy is now in a band called Past Wreckage.

    Everyone was shocked by Eddie's pasing and he will be missed greatly. Boppo was a great person.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It's nice to know that after all these years people are STILL listening to Social Decay and passing it on to the new generation.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Reunion???? How can there be a reunion without all the original members..very disrespectful on "boppos" part should be a tribute.Sounds like promotional bull sh*t to me!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hence why it's being called a reunion/tribute

    Ya know a reunion in tribute to Eddie

  17. Anonymous says:

    Club Deep – Asbury Park, NJ
    Saturday – October 7th

    As a member of Social Decay, i say it is a tribute to Boppo. There is no disrespect – it's to raise money for his family.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Are all the bands kicking in? Or just Social Decay?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Went,saw, was ok Agnostic front kicked ass, one question???? what the "F" was pugsy crying about this time????? shut up Pugsy just shut up.

  20. jim says:

    Did Social Decay Write a song called Death Threat??

  21. my names not jim -- i lied says:

    i didnt know boppo, but im sure he was a great person
    he looked like he had more fun in that one photo then i had in my entire life!
    rip boppo

  22. pugsy says:

    social decay has a site solace has a site and i am currently jammng with rob d. formerly lethal aggression- breakdown http://www.hiredgoonshardcore.com and who ever told me to shut up if your such a bad ass shut me up and why are you anonymous tuff guy? it was all for boppo so if i was saying something it was all about him have some respect asshole…

  23. devil dick says:

    I just put up the 2nd Social Decay demo here:


    more rare old school NJ, NY, & PA demo's coming soon!!!

  24. hardcorehead says:

    Hey this is a great post but i cant download the songs? I know the last post was 5 years ago but id really love the songs! help me out!

  25. pugsy says:

    social decay sept 19 championship bar trenton nj show starts 12 pm we go on at 615 be there to here real old school new jerz hardcore….

  26. Fred says:

    If anyone have a copy of this 7" that their willing to sell, I'd gladly buy one. Hit me up please !

  27. Pim says:

    New interview with singer Pugsy up on my site, check it out:


    They're working on a new record.

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