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Deviant "Larvaeon" CD

Posted on Friday, November 4th, 2005 @ 11:45am » permalink

Deviant - LarvaeonI recently realized that I don't really own as much death metal as I thought I did, and most of what I've held onto over the years falls into the early-90's classics of the scene's heyday. But every now and then a contemporary death metal release will still catch my ear, and Deviant has done so with "Larvaeon".

Deviant is a relatively young new Swedish band that's only been around since 2002, and "Larvaeon" is their debut release – a full-length for The Spew Records – after a self-titled demo CD in 2003. What you'll find here is a good chunk of raging death metal with plenty of blasting speed and low vocal growls, but no shortage of memorable riffs, and many of the songs hit in bursts of fewer than three to four minutes apiece to keep things moving along. The quick lead breaks and generally intense nature of the material certainly points to the old school death metal classics, but they throw in dashes of frantic technicality or fleeting melodic flirtations more at home in the modern age as well – alongside some slower tempos and thick dissonance that really hits the spot with me. So overall this record achieves a strong balance that should appeal to a wide variety of death metal fans.

Deviant "Immaculate Rancidity"
Deviant "Larvaeon"

Dig it? Then buy that shit:

@ Relapse Records
@ Willowtip


  1. desintegrado says:

    haha, funny spanish trick in the title of this post…

    nice band, straightforward death metal without too much of anything, as it should be in death metal…

  2. slavis says:

    Finally some swede-metal that isn't utter melodic crap. Straight forward, not bogged down with technicality. No clean singing junk… I like the nod to the old school towards the end of the first song. Damn good stuff, I'll have to pick up.


  3. jesse says:

    you need to pick Blood Red Throne's latest disc "Altered Genesis" or even the one before that "Affiliated with the Suffering" for some great old school death metal with modern twists. I've actually been enjoying that Solstice – Pray CD ever since I bought it. thanks for the info on that one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like how the website is unreadable now since the neither the artist or album name are in the review titles.


    It's not that hard to read down into the first paragraph and figure it out. These aren't what I would call real "reviews" anyway. This is how I want to do it and it's my site, so if you don't like it, oh well. I can't please everyone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is fucking awesome. great band.

  7. B.C says:

    Best DM release of the year IMO

  8. well, thanx for the cool comments and the awesome review. :)
    Buy the CD!

  9. Magnus says:

    Thanx for the cool review! Keep up the good work!

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