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Forbidden "Twisted Into Form" CD

Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2005 @ 7:39am » permalink

Forbidden - Twisted Into FormPerhaps best known for the fact that former sticksman Paul Bostaph eventually joined up for quite a run with Slayer, Forbidden's finest hour certainly eclipses anything that Slayer did without Dave Lombardo. Not to overshadow the relative quality of "Divine Intervention" or anything, but "Twisted Into Form" dropped in 1990 (yet again on the once godly Combat label) and is proof positive that true thrash was still at the top of its game for a decent stint in the post-80's. Now, many will argue, and trust me, I've had this argument a lot, that Forbidden's 1988 debut, "Forbidden Evil" is their best record. No. I'll go on record right now by stating flat out that anyone who makes that claim is wrong, very possibly hearing impaired, and certainly without proper appreciation for quality songwriting. Admittedly the band's final two records weren't all that hot, but despite the strengths of the debut, this follow-up blows it out of the water in every way.

"Twisted Into Form" is probably my single favorite thrash metal record of all time, and is absolutely able to stand right up there with the biggest names of classic thrash in terms of striking an impeccable balance between technicality and sheer aggression with melody and stunningly memorable compositional tactics. I've heard complaints about the vocals in the past, but they never bothered me, and the fact that the band employed upper-range singing as opposed to shouting/yelling vocals really adds to the catchiness of the songs. But let's face it, people: At the end of the day it's all about fucking riffs. And this record is a god damn feast of completely shredding lead runs and intricately woven rhythms that never shy away from chunky picking patterns or relentless energy. I'm sorry, no offense if you fit the bill, but I have a really hard time not thinking that any thrash fan who doesn't appreciate this album is an idiot.

Forbidden "Infinite"
Forbidden "Step by Step"
Forbidden "Tossed Away"

Paul Bostaph most recently joined Exodus, and aside from other ex-members doing time with Nevermore and Testament, the bulk of the lineup's post-Forbidden activities tend to fall into a more rocked out and less noteworthy category. They've taken part in a few of those benefit/glory days reunion shows in recent years as well, but I don't really know much of anything there.

I actually don't own the remastered reissue of "Twisted Into Form" either, but I should probably pick it up sometime out of my sheer adoration of this CD. For you that means this disc isn't so hard to come by at the moment, and you really should give it a happy home in your collection if you dig what you hear. This will always be an underrated classic

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hah, i actually heard about this band last year and i was never that much of a thrash fan, but really liked this album. i especially like the singing, it sounds very…powerful.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. carlosNYC says:

    This was one of the most underrated thrash bands that ever was. The guitar work of Craig Loccicero, Glen Alevais and later, Tim Calvert, was original, highly technical and ferocious! Don't get me started on Russ Anderson's lethal pipes! He was once considered for the vacant Judas Priest spot in the early 90's. If you can seek out Forbidden's GREEN album, it's worth the effort.

  4. jim fucking winters says:

    this is one of the godliest records of the 90's. Locicero and Calvert completely shred with their strong diminished trademark style while retaining the tech-thrash SF-Bay area trademark…post prime Exodus-era that to be exact. Something Heathen would eventually repeat drawing more from the Metallica well.
    I do love Distortion as well, although Green was a major disappointment by comparison.
    Have to admit i wasn't a big fan of the first record although it does still hold up as a classic in certain respects.
    The 3 song demo after Twisted with Tim Calvert…is also among my favorite Forbidden material!

  5. Anonymous says:

    awesome, thanks

  6. blog-dahlia says:

    Friggin' gods, this band was. This album is one of the quintessential must-have's of the era's finest hour. Green is also an incredible disc, just bursting with aggression & intensity. It's a shame this band folded & I'm hoping that with time they will regroup & work on new material. Death Angel & to a lesser extent, Exodus, have proven there is still something vital & relevant in this genre.

  7. Fire And Ice says:

    i just bought a sealed copy of their first lp this weekend. I guess kids usually get into hc through metal, but i'm going the opposite route.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How this isn't considered a timeless classic is just beyond me, and always angered me. Great post!

  9. scott says:

    This and their 1st record are absolute Thrash masterpieces. The demos are even good, when they still had "Evil" on the end of the name. Killer post as always…

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