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Vision of Disorder "s/t" CD

Posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2005 @ 6:14am » permalink

Vision of Disorder - s/tSo this kid writes me a few days ago and asks me if I happen to have one of V.O.D.'s old demos from way back when, the one with "Rhythm of the AK" and such on it. Sadly I don't, and I've never been able to hear it, so if anyone does have it, please do hit me the fuck up so I help this guy out. Many thanks. (Edit: Man, shitloads of people have this demo, thanks so much to everyone who has offered to help me out on this one. Mission accomplished!)

But anyway, this dude's email gets me pullin' out this CD (which, by the way, has some of the most confusingly atrocious cover art ever to grace an otherwise flawless record), and holy shit do I sometimes forget how much ass these guys were kicking all over the place when this shit first dropped in 1996 (on Ray Cappo's Supersoul division of Roadrunner Records). During the two years after the release of this self-titled album Vision of Disorder was about as huge as a hardcore band could come back then. It was right around that time that hardcore was starting to get significantly "popular" for the first time, and I remember V.O.D. would play here in Richmond at least once every six months, if not more. It was insane, but god damnit they were so fucking good. I ate that shit up. Pretty much anyone who's currently in their mid- to late-20's that listened to hardcore 10 years is lying through their fuckin' teeth if they deny having liked V.O.D. Those shows were jam packed with kids just going apeshit, and for good reason. Some of these songs still make me want to fuckin' kill people! Many should be well familiar with these jams already, but for those who somehow missed the boat, this shit is just vicious, I don't give a fuck what anyone says:

Vision of Disorder "Through My Eyes"
Vision of Disorder "D.T.O."
Vision of Disorder "Element"
Vision of Disorder "Viola"

I don't know where these guys went "wrong" so to speak, as they never did blow up to the next level, and their subsequent records couldn't even think about holding a torch to any of their early material (first becoming far more jarring and caustic, then transitioning into more of a sludgy rock vibe), but that's life, I guess. Former V.O.D. vocalist Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy are in Bloodsimple now, and I really think that record's pretty damn solid. Easily the best thing the two have touched since V.O.D.'s self-titled debut, so look into that shit if you were once a fan. Tim Williams is a fucking scorching vocalist and the Bloodsimple disc certainly continues to nail that point home. You can also score this Vision of Disorder CD for a pretty good price:

@ Amazon.com
@ Half.com


  1. jesse says:

    yep, this is a classic. I do enjoy Bloodsimple alot but come Andrew, you didn't think Imprint was a lot more cohesive as an album?

    ps: do a Wrench blog


    Nah, I think "Imprint" is pretty boring. Cohesive, yeah, but that's because it's really one-sided – very little dynamics on that one. I like the Bloodsimple disc far more than that.

    And I have to admit, I'm not familiar with Wrench, so maybe this is something you should send me some info on so that I can look into them myself!?

  3. Anonymous says:

    never got into this one. like imprint alot though.

  4. Scott says:

    Yeah, I was disappointed with this band once they did the change-up on "For The Bleeders". I liked "Imprint" too, but the songs here are better even though the production was severely missing some mid-range. "Imprint" fixed that, but didn't have such great songs. Anything after that was pretty much crap, though.

    I have that demo, just have to dig it out of the archives, but I'll hit you up when I do…

  5. carlosNYC says:

    the best thing this band or any member of the band ever did was the "Still" ep.

  6. desintegrado says:

    this is the first hxc band together with strife that i heard, when i was 15 years old, the opening track element is fuckin' great, but everything starts to bore thereafter…imprint is a much better album, i'm glad to know they're still around in bloodsimple, once again, andrew is the best info source :)))

  7. Daniel Rosen says:

    yo i have the demo with that song on it, and if i'm not mistaken, that is actually on the second demo from 1994. the first being in 1993. let me know how you want to go about getting the mp3s. my email is bitterendhc@hotmail.com

  8. jesse says:

    Andrew, it seems that Wrench's site no longer exists (it has been a few years) however I can create a YouSendIt of the album. doesn't seem like you can get either of their records except for some online store in Austrailia.

    here is what I do know about them. After a few years of playing with Throwdown, Mark, the original drummer started jamming with some relatively unknowns from the Inland Empire in Southern California and started a death/grind/doomy band that put on a pretty damn good show whenever Throwdown was on some downtime. anyway they put out one EP and one Full Length on Cedargate Records before the vocalist and bassist moved away. they had one last jam session before they split that resulted in a couple songs, but they will probably never see the light of day. Mark (drummer) plays started a new project with some other ex-members of guys called Cold War (www.indecisionrecords.com) Wrench made death metal interesting for me because it had some new school hardcore influences that were used subtlely and effectively.


    Sure, Jesse, if you want to do that I'd be curious to hear it. Just let me know, thanks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe someone out there actually has the very first demo that started it all… I have not heard the Rhythm of the AK demo version since I was in high school and it was in a dirty basement practice place before I ever even knew who VOD was… I cannot wait to hear it , please dig fast!


  11. xBenx says:

    Great album, one of the first hardcore records and bands I got into, brings back great memories…

    As this is a core post, I thought i'd ask for some help from anyone who can provide it.

    The band Conviction. I've been deliberating for some time whether to buy their discography, can anyone offer their opinions/advice? I would be grateful!!

    Also, totally unrelated, can anyone recommend which Taake records to buy first???


    PS As always Andrew, excellent post!

  12. AVERSIONLINE says:


    The only Taake CD that isn't very good is the "Helnorsk Svartmetall" collection, which only has a few strong tracks. The three other records are all very solid and I don't have a clear favorite. I don't think you'll lose no matter which of those three you choose.

    And here is my old ass review of the Conviction CD (no longer archived on the site):

    Conviction "Kill It" CD
    8/10 – [Thorp]
    This is the first release in Thorp's "Unsung Series", highlighting classic bands that were overlooked in their time. And holy fucking shit… what an excellent choice Conviction was for the first installment, because this is the fucking epitome of straightedge metalcore, collecting songs from 7"s, compilations, etc. And mission accomplished, because in all honesty, I had never fucking heard of this band in my life, so they must have been criminally disregarded when they were dropping this shit in the early 90's! But their members did end up going on to play in bands like Earth Crisis and Despair, among many others, so someone must have known what the fuck was up. The first five tracks are just totally over the top brutality. I mean, it's one huge mosh part. That's pretty much it. But not in a meathead toughguy way (granted I could see teeth smashed out and jaws being broken to this shit), it's just that every single riff is ridiculously heavy, and it's all moderately paced, so it's absolutely unfiltered, massive chugga chugga perfection. And there's even a moderate dose of technicality: Some unusual time changes, dissonant metal riffs, unique picking patterns… it's not fucking E, E, E, E power chords all over the place. The vocals are just straight shouts. There's no bones about it. This shit is the real deal. I can't fucking believe the production either. I would fucking kill for this guitar tone! If every band used this guitar tone, oh how much better a place the world would be. And the mix is totally dominated by this crushing wall of perfectly honed guitars… with pulsating bass creeping through at times, and fairly basic drumming accentuating the heaviness. The older songs have a thinner sound, and are a bit faster at times (with that classic old school bass tone plunking away in the background), but they still rip. The last nine songs are live, and as usual sound pretty weak (distant, muddy, etc.) but there are some additional songs mixed in there, so… Before the last live track there's some blank space and a slightly different recording of "Primacy of Faith", I don't really know what the deal is with that. The layout is fucking awesome. Great art, nice photos, brief liner notes about the tracks, etc. The only thing I would have preferred to see would have been lyrics, more extensive information about where these tracks were originally released, and so on. But fuck, even though the live set is basically worthless to me, the studio tracks take up over half the CD, and I swear this fucker is worth it for the first five songs alone, because they're so fucking intense I cannot believe it. I'm actually pissed off that it took me so long to find out about this band. Shit, this stuff is 10+ years old now. Huge credit to Thorp for digging this stuff out of the trenches. If you miss metalcore the way it used to be, before all the bullshit, this is essential.
    Running time – 70:00 (approximately), Tracks: 19
    [Notable tracks: Between the Lines, Despair, Primacy of Faith, Numb, Peering Into Darkness]
    Thorp Records – http://www.thorprecords.com

  13. Kgben says:

    VOD was a great band back in the days. I was 16 years old when they did the Still EP and yeah, it was awesome. The split EP (with Loyal to none i guess) was good too. Then, the first album was not that good and my interest in VOD slowly fades away.
    Concerning the demos (there may have been THREE demos, one with Suffer, Element… but i'm not 100 %sure), i just got some random mp3s of a few tracks (including Rythm of the AK). It would be awesome to get all of them here.

    Thanx for this blog, it kicks major ass.

    PS : excuse my poor english.

  14. jesse says:

    alright Andrew here is the full length that further proves a lot of decent shit got ignored in the 90s. let me know if you're interested in the EP that came out before this CD. the CD whole thing is zipped and ripped at 192k WMA. (better than MP3 IMO)

    everyone else: enjoy!


  15. xBenx says:

    Genius, thanks for filling me in on Conviction Andrew, I will buy that damn discography!!! And thanks for the info on Taake, I'll check that out to!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I remember picking this up a couple months after it came out. Impressive stuff on here, from my "hardcore days". Since, lately, I find myself listening to more and more and more metal (prog, power, black, death, etc.) I more closely relate to Imprint, especially with the guest vocals from Phil in his very own way. Speaking of Phil! Check out Eibon, his side project. It's rediculous black thrash. He plays guitar on it.

  17. this record definitely got me more into hardcore than anything else… more then earth crisis (whom i was never fond), more then any rev band… you get the point. i agree w/ imprint not being as good, it didn't have the staying power as the first album. i felt imprint mesh together and the tracks lost their definition. it always seemed like most people were impressed by jada bloom more then the actual album itself. i have the 7" that was released on rev in mp3 n the studio version of formula for failure if anyones interested, hit me up.

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