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Joyburner "s/t" CD

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2005 @ 8:10am » permalink

Joyburner - s/tA few spinoff emails regarding the Worlds Collide post a couple of weeks ago reminded me that I really want to post some Four Walls Falling at some point. But when digging around tonight I found this Joyburner EP and decided to go with that instead, as it's far more obscure. If you like it, I seriously doubt you'll ever be able to find a copy of the CD for yourself unless you live in Richmond, VA and stumble upon one in a used/local leftovers bin or whatever, because there are only like four mentions of the band on Google, just one return for the record label, and none of 'em say squat! Hell, if I wasn't from the same city as these guys I doubt I'd ever have heard of them either, regardless of the Four Walls Falling connection!

Anyway, yeah, the band featured Bo and Taylor Steele of Four Walls Falling and released this mere four-song EP on Centrifuge Recordings in 1996. The style isn't entirely removed from what Four Walls Falling was doing towards their final days (granted the similarities are loose at best), but it's certainly way more melodic and consistent – sort of like a dark and heavy yet non-aggressive sort of emo/post-hardcore sound without much of a metal influence at all. The mix is a little unbalanced and the vocals are definitely an acquired taste, so those unfamiliar with Four Walls Falling might not give a shit, but I quite dig this EP and feel like it's worth it for the first track alone. I always loved that fuckin' song, and it still hits me pretty hard today. But the more I'm spinning this shit tonight the more I'm digging the other three tunes, too. Ahhh, memory lane…

1. "Fool Suck"
2. "Heat Stroke"
3. "Falls Apart"
4. "Love Toy"


  1. Daniel says:

    I remember they were giving these away for free at the Four Walls Falling reunion show in DC a few years ago. I think they also used to sell/give them away at that vegan restaurant Grace Place that used to be next to Exile on Grace Street. I think it's okay, but definitely not as good as the later Four Walls stuff… but that's cool that you're posting about it!

  2. Nowak says:

    Thanks for posting these, dude! My old buddy from growing up in Woodbridge, VA, Tommy Anthony (most of Over My Dead Body) played drums for this band, and Taylor was an acquaintance when I was going to VCU in Richmond. Four Walls Falling was one of the first hardcore bands I started listening to back in like '89, and I fuckin' love 'em. I've been wanting to hear this Joyburner disc for a long time, but I never had the chance until now.

  3. Nowak says:

    shit, that was supposed to say "most recently of Over My Dead Body". Shoulda Previewed, I guess…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yup, I've got this one…paper sleeve and all. Eh, it never did it for me.

    Of course I longed for the power of Four Walls Falling. Yeah, 'Culture Shock' and 'Food For Worms' (yuck) are well known, I'm a big fan of the 'Burn It' 7". You can't beat Happy Face, Burn It, and Temple.

    "You can have your Twinkies I'll keep my health."

    .: Chris

  5. Dirty Jase says:

    Wow,thanks for turning me on to this one…never heard of Joyburner before but sure am enjoying them right now!

  6. Taylor Steele says:

    Joyburner sux-haha
    I've still got loads of these things.

  7. david says:

    thanks a lot, i'm a big four walls falling's fan, i played (with my band) with them on their last tour in europe in 1995 or 1996, this was amazing, those guys were so great live.I like those songs a lot. Thanks for keeing this spirit alive

    david from belgium

  8. Mark says:

    If anyone knows the full band lineup for this release, please let us know at http://www.bandtoband.com because our entry is probably incomplete (or incorrect):

  9. Christian Bollow says:

    Does anyone know,
    if I can get a CD or the songs of
    this 4 Track EP these days.
    Would be so great, yeah!
    Best Wishes from Münster in Germany,
    Christian Bollow.

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