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Plecid "s/t" CD

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2005 @ 7:27am » permalink

Plecid - s/tPlecid's self-titled CD was the first release for the super "kvlt" (and with good reason) Ajna Offensive in the mid-90's, around a decade after its original release on cassette. This band is just obscure as fuck, and their entire existence is basically shrouded in mystery (this CD, their only "official" release, contains absolutely no shred of contact information or documentation regarding anyone whatsoever). I can't even remember how I got this disc. I know I was into some of the other projects related to Ajna at the time, and I had some mutual friends with those cats, and later even ended up being in touch with the band directly (unbeknownst to me at the time), but my memory's foggy on how it all came to pass.

Anyway, they only released three cassettes in the late-80's: A self-titled tape in 1986, an untitled cassette in 1987, and "Industrial Gems" in 1989 (details on the latter are spotty, I've only seen it mentioned once by the artist behind Plecid). After that it was tracks on the "Unbecoming" compilation CD (Freedom in a Vacuum, 1989) and the "Perpetual State of Oracular Dream" compilation LP (Anomalous Records, 1989). That was all she wrote.

Years after the release of the first cassette on CD, it became more openly known that Plecid was David Woodard (who may or may not have had co-conspirators), a shadowy gentlemen who specializes in several forms of musical composition – not to mention dabbling in numerous occult-ish activities, not the least of which has been building Dreamachines and Wishing Machines. But the dude's a legitimately interesting character. Just check out his bio and do some digging, it's wild shit.

The style that Plecid explored was a strange mix of weird ambient noise, "darkwave", goth, and a bunch of other stuff that I know very little about. The results vary, but this track absolutely kills me, and honestly makes the rest of the project's recorded material seem pretty timid, if not underdeveloped. If all of the tracks reached this level, the full-length recording would be an absolute masterpiece, no doubt.

Plecid "Leave"

As an aside, I used to do David Woodard's website years and years ago, and had planned to release a Plecid/Psywarfare split 7" in the late-90's. Very regrettably that never happened as the Plecid camp faltered on decisiveness, and at the time Woodard even denied that he had anything to do with Plecid at all, and was masquerading as an intermediary. It has since come to pass that he apparently views the post-1986 releases (I think a European label did it up on vinyl, too) of the self-titled cassette to be bootlegs, but… who knows for sure?

If you're interested, this otherwise out of print disc is another that's on sale for absurdly cheap at Relapse as we speak:

@ Relapse Records

A lot of you are probably going to hate this post, but this song is fucking phenomenal, so get over it!



    Man, you can have one. I have at least 100 left (probably more) and they're not even packaged. I have the records in one box, the covers in one box, the inserts in one box, and the bags in yet another box. I don't even know if you'll like it either, so… remind me and I'll give you one. The inserts probably won't be numbered since I have no idea where I left off when I was actually selling 'em, but… maybe that will make it even more "collectible", ha, ha…

  2. James says:

    I remember seeing this track posted on your livejournal a while back and regretted never downloading it, so thanks for posting it again. I'm very much enjoying it.
    On a side note, I stumbled across that Psywarfare 7" a couple of times online and came very close to buying it, but as usual i'm going to be an idiot and ask if you've still got any left over that I could just buy direct?

  3. Jesse says:

    Hey you're right Andrew, I do enjoy this. This track is super bizarre. Really unpredictable. It kind of makes me feel nauseous.. hah — but somehow in a good way.

    Music that has the power to intoxicate you is always good.. or.. usually.

  4. famine says:

    after reading this little piece about woodard, i have to say that i had a similar experience meeting and keeping in contact with this man. after his disappearance into the paraguayan jungle in 2004 our correspondences have been fewer, his last letter came from berlin where he said he was residing for the time being. if anyone is interested, i have remastered all of the tracks from the official release, but have been unable to contact david. i'd be happy to share them if anyone was interested. the vocals and instruments sound a lot more defined and the tones of the original instruments sound a lot more full. the lyrics are also a lot more audible than before. also if anyone wants to hear unreleased material by him (and yes, he is still writing as plecid, with some new software upgrades), check out http://juniperhills.net/plecid.html for free mp3's.

  5. Casey Strange says:

    Hi, I notice your article fails to mention the Happiest Tapes on Earth label that distributed much of Plecid's work.

    Industrial Gems, Self titled and the oddly shaped insignia that comprises of the group's other release were all put out on this label.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Derrida says:

    I just picked up this cd today 2/14/16 for a buck in like new shape as a guess that it might be good. didn't have super high hopes but by it's appearance it was worth a shot. Very pleasantly surprised. I like the whole thing a lot. Even the vocals that are on some tracks I like a lot. The whole thing has a great gloomy feel to it. I was pleased to find this info on the guy. got the cd at a small chain store called the Exchange here in Cleveland. a year or so ago the son of the deceased owner (Jack) of Mindwave record store had the stock in storage for a number of years and dumped it on the Exchange. I tried to get to it before he sold it all but just couldn't quite track the kid down. I ended up buying 500 or so pieces. Most of it's gone but they still have a few hundred left in stock. some of it went to their Pitsburg and Toledo stores. It was a great collection of industrial, ambient, avant, EBM, and electronic and a little psych.

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