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Worlds Collide "s/t" 7"

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2005 @ 4:59am » permalink

Worlds Collide - s/tTwo Victory Records releases in a row? What the fuck? Well, I pulled out this lesser known DC metalcore act's full-length, "All Hope Abandon", the other day, and basically all it did was remind me that, "Shit, their first 7" was fucking incredible." So I pulled it out, and thus a new post was born…

Say what you will, I like traditional hardcore as much as the next guy, but despite the fact that metal is dealing hardcore a severe death blow right now, in the early-90's it was the saving grace without which some of the genre's finest records wouldn't have been possible. This two-song EP from Worlds Collide dates back to 1992 and was the seventh release for the then burgeoning Victory imprint, and was right up there with Integrity's "In Contrast of Sin" 7" before it as by far one of the most metal based records on the label. Expect nothing but churning power chords, intricate picking patterns/chord phrasings, and plenty of ripping metal riffs – with a couple of scorching lead runs towards the end of "Object of Desire" (their finest composition overall – an absolute classic in my book). I flipped out when I first heard this record and I still love it to this day. Their other material doesn't hold up quite as well over time, but these two songs are still totally energetic and powerful. A true must have for any fan of the classic metalcore scene of the early- to mid-90's.

Members were later involved with the almighty Damnation A.D. (of course), Battery, Better Than a Thousand, Face the Enemy, and Bluetip, among others; but this 7" shouldn't be overshadowed by their post-Worlds Collide résumés in any fucking way! These cats were really ahead of their time with this shit, and the vocals definitely sound really unique even today. Check it out:

1. "Object of Desire"
2. "Absolute"

How can you not dig that shit? The 7" is of course quite the hell out of print, but you can still grab the songs on CD from the "Victory: The Early Singles 1989 – 1992" collection (upon which this EP absolutely crushes every other band), so dig around for that should you feel so inclined.



    I wouldn't call Iceburn "the same shtick" in any way, they were a different beast altogether, though yes indeed far more metallic back in those days. I like that EP but the recording sounds ultra thin. "Firon", however, was a superb record. I actually like all of the bands on that singles collection, but in my opinion, yes, the Worlds Collide record just obliterates the other EP's on that disc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "crushes every other band"?!?! First of all, Iceburn's 7" is better at the same schtick, period. Second, um…… INSIGHT?

  3. phil says:

    nice. i remember going to their last show and suffering through grip and ashes (oh man those were not so hot days) only to have the room fill up with mace halfway through the set and everyone fleeing in a panic. the 3 or 4 songs they did play, however, were intense. they were a great live band. another reason i thought they were cool back then was that they didn't "look" like the cookie cutter hardcore band of the time. they had "the metal guy", "the black guy", "the male model", and the other guy which i forget cuz its early and i dont have any coffee. i also remember the recording sessions of the LP in atlanta and watching how bored they were recording it. I think it shows in the album….which is…well…boring. cheers!


    I still like Ashes even though they don't hold up as well these days, but I absolutely LOVE Grip/Dayspring/Cycle. I've always thought that Grip EP and Dayspring's record were way, way underrated. I still listen to that stuff fairly often and appreciate it just as much today, actually.

  5. Dirty Jase says:

    Fucking rad post today…


    Chris, do you know if the demo is the same thing as the tracks on the "Pain is Temporary" CD? If so, I just ordered that disc on Amazon.com used for like $4. I didn't know it existed until digging around for this post, but someone sent me the mp3's the other day and it sounds like the same sessions as the 7", just with a slightly thicker mastering job? Shoot me an email or something – andrew@aversionline.com. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I saw these guys dozens of times…the best being their first show ever (with Device, Burn, and I beleive Shelter). As they went on they became a tad watered down (and big headed), but in the beginning they were one of the best live bands I've ever seen.

    If ANYONE has a copy of their demo…post something here and I'll get in touch. The demo versions of these songs DESTROY the 7" versions. Much more raw and harder. I wish I still had my tape. They gave them out free at their first show.

    .: Chris Neckdeep

  8. Ha, you beat me to this one. Good pick – Worlds Collide was the band that set me on the track to checking out Damnation a.d. and Battery. All I ever heard were those songs from the 7" though, so let me know what you think of the CD when you get it.

  9. matt says:

    just fishing for some images and came across this, kind words and some accurate and some less than accurate critisms or observations. here's what corrections or affirmations i can give you. yes, the recordings on the lost and found "pain is temporary" c.d. has all of our recorded material before the "all hope abandon" l.p., including the demo (except the first recording of blame i believe. Our first show was under the name "fuse" with avail in richmond, va in 1991, our first show in the d.c. area was supposed to be with shelter at the temple, but we pulled out of it(while we were there) and did not play actually play until we replaced the original bass player from the demo with the presence that is hillel. our first show in d.c. was with sick of it all and gut instinct, at the sanctuary theater, and this is where we did the handed out the demos for free (a policy i believe all bands should do, why are you going to charge for a demo, it defeats the meaning of the name doesn't it?). i certainly wasn't bored recording the albulm, i may have been wasted and stoned, but far from bored, it was supposed to be an ugly, unpleasant experience, that was the whole concept i was going for with that albulm, and i think we pulled it off pretty damn well. besides, the boredom i think that you saw was more likely apathy and disgust, as the band was already pretty much done with friendly interpersonal relationships, we all hated each other.( these relations have since been healed, well, all except one bitch who shall remain nameless). Zac is in a somewhat doom metal band now called Wooly Mammoth, hillel is putting together like five thrash punk bands, and im in a band called the whips with some former d.c. rockers that may be the best thing ive done since wc. and for you audiophiles, there is a seven inch i did right before the break up of worlds collide by a band called "jack potential". it was put out by desoto records and has jay robbins from government issue/jawbox/burning airlines and jean paul gaster from clutch playing on it. two songs of d.c. noise. rock and roll.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seriously one of the most underrated bands ever… That 7" is classic, so is the live-LP… All Hope Abandon and the L&F CD are also great, I still enjoy all of their stuff to this day.

  11. Bryn says:

    I thought these guys never got their due. I still listen to and enjoy the 7" and the "All Hope Abandon" LP.

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