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Aversion "Fit to be Tied" CD

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2005 @ 2:33am » permalink

Aversion - Fit to be TiedNo, the name of my site is in no way associated with these guys. That being said, there have been numerous bands called Aversion over the years, and this in particular is the little known California crossover act that was around predominantly in the early-90's. I really don't know shit about 'em, but they did three records in '91 through '95, with "Fit to be Tied" dropping in 1992 on Restless Records. I never bothered with their third disc, but this one's significantly stronger than their debut, offering up 12 tracks in 34 minutes that range from fast and energetic crossover thrash to quirky midpaced metal riffing – generally with a snotty mix of yelling/singing that kicks out some wickedly fast vocal patterns. Of course, as with most west coast acts of this style, the band definitely tossed in some humorous/lighthearted elements at times, but that wasn't their focus at all.

The strange thing about this disc is that the band was basically billed as a duo, with Christian Fuhrer on vocals and Dash on guitar and vocals (studio musicians were credited as handling the rhythm section), and I never really understood what was going on there. Then again, it's no surprise that information on these guys is scarce, 'cause they got very little attention when they were around, and almost no one remembers 'em these days. Not that this record is some sort of lost classic, it's not, but still… this is a solid disc that has a lot of raging songs on it. But I have no idea when they formed, no idea where they ended up, no concept of their background or history, etc.

Hell, they probably owe their entire career to Headbanger's Ball, because I specifically remember when I was 15 years old seeing their video all the time for a couple of months (and Ricki Rachtman would regularly sport an Aversion t-shirt as well), but it still took me a really long time to find the cassette. In fact, I was still spinning this fucker on tape up until last year, when I finally decided to upgrade it to CD. Here are three of the strongest tracks, more indicative of the band's catchy, energetic side:

Aversion "Hung"
Aversion "Let it Go"
Aversion "Bratattack"

I know, it ain't D.R.I. or Cryptic Slaughter or whatever, but it's a damn enjoyable listen (especially for having come out years after the crossover boom), and you can find this shit all over the place for under a buck, so… have at it:

@ Amazon.com
@ Half.com

Thanks for keeping the comments and email coming. I should be getting around to honoring some more requests soon. Hopefully the people asking for more "thrashcore" and crossover action will dig these tunes?


  1. This fucking rules. Great post. I'll definitely be scouring the 99 cent bins in the local record stores for this…

  2. Anonymous says:

    good shit

  3. Zach says:

    hahaha just found this tape in my closet. It reminds alot more of old misfits then DRI or cryptic slaughter.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can't say much about them except the music is not too bad. I remember seeing them in 1990 with GBH and not really digging them at the time, but they do sound a little bit better now.

  5. Fuck_Nu-Metal says:

    I've bought this one just 2 months ago in an Iron Maiden tour gig, this album has grown through the pass of years, it's intense and furious, quite good, one of my favourite albums when I get drunk and doped ;)

  6. Anonymous says:

    love these guys. they should have been asked to do an ozzfest! i heard aversion before metallica got big…singer reminds me of j.h. i think they could have been as big as metallica, but timing is everything. if you know anything about them, please write

  7. Anonymous says:

    I doubt anyone will ever see this, but here's the deal with the album being credited to the duo of Chris (vocals) and Dash (guitar): The other two members of the band were Joey on drums and Eddie on bass. They're brothers, they're both in D.I. now. During the recording sessions for Hung, there was a falling out and Joey was kicked out of the band. That resulted in Eddie quitting. The split was not amicable at all, it was an ugly situation. Dash even had the album cover artist alter his finished work so that Joey and Eddie's faces were covered, and though they were thanked for recording the drum and bass tracks on the album, they weren't credited as band members.

    I used to hang with Aversion around 1987-1990. If anyone else who was around back then sees this or wants more dirt, drop me a line- [email protected]

  8. Christian Fuhrer says:

    What's up in here? Thanks for the all of the cool comments about my band. Basically, the web guy here got most of the info correct about my band and the guy at the bottom filled in some of the lurid details but bottom line is the band was killer, we had an awesome time and maybe we were a little early. We toured with GBH and then with GWAR. In retrospect we kind of ran out of patience…we had a really low tolerance for the biz bullshit and called it a day. For the web guy…you should definitely check out the third album called Fall From Grace. Heavy shit but more evolved. I just recently started listening to the albums for the first time since we recorded them and for the first time really dig listening to them…Peace…

  9. Andy says:

    I am fuckin" want to download THIS fuckin" album.Fit To Be Tied-fuckin" coooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. seanstabu says:

    this schitt rips
    i went to school w/christian and his brother
    christian, bring this schitt back

  11. Dennis says:

    I first saw these guys in early 93 at a bar in Buena Park called "California Dreams". They started with a slow riff and I thought they were about to suck. Fit to be Tied is one of my favorite CD's to this day. I saw these tear up Beach Fest 93 in Long Beach too. Just a fun, hard rock band. I think they ended up with legal issues about their name too which might be some of the shit Christian himself mentions. I was sad I only got to see them live 4-5 times, but also happy I saw them 4-5 times. Think Fit to be Tied will be playing again on the way home tonight!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great band. I remember hearing their song "Hung" on KNAC.

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