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In Cold Blood "Suicide King" demo

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2005 @ 10:41am » permalink

Alright, without further ado, here it is, the unreleased "Suicide King" EP from In Cold Blood. These seven songs were recorded sometime after "Hell on Earth" (probably in 1999, I'm not entirely sure) with two different lineups, but more on that in a minute:

1. Suicide King
2. Fuck Your Opinion
3. Polluted
4. Straight Flush
5. Dogma
6. Ease the Pain
7. Empty

The core lineup on all of these songs is Lenny Melnick on bass, Aaron Melnick on guitar, and Blaze on guitar. "Suicide King" and "Polluted" were recorded by the Melnicks and Bourbon in Cleveland with Bourbon doing the vocals and an unknown drummer (not the same guy who played on the full-length). Just so you know, Bourbon is the guy that sang on the debut In Cold Blood 7", another record that most people don't seem to know exists. Go figure. The rest of the tracks were recorded by Blaze and Danny Lax in Columbus with Danny handling the drums and Blaze handling the vocals. Obviously these songs are a little different from the full-length without Jason Popson's presence, but for the most part the style is still the same (Though what's up with all the old school Swedish death metal riffing in "Straight Flush"!?).

I really have no idea what the deal was with these sessions at all, as far as whether or not this was just supposed to be a demo, or if there were any kind of tentative release plans, etc. It seems like very few people know that this material even exists, and the only reason I even know about it is because Danny got in touch with me and sent me a dub of the songs many years ago when I used to do Integrity's website, which I greatly appreciate to this day. It's a damn shame the songs went nowhere, but it will be interesting for some to note that Blaze recycled "Ease the Pain" and "Empty" in their entirety as "Lost Without You" and "Burn it Down" (respectively) on Integrity's "To Die For" EP, the latter of which receiving a lyrical facelift from Dwid.

I used to think these seven songs were possibly the last that the Melnicks ever recorded, but I recently discovered that Aaron is presently in some band from New York (with Bourbon and a few other Cleveland transplants) called the Wolfdowners. If anyone knows anything about that shit get in touch and fill me the fuck in. Those dudes are sorely missed and seemed to vanish almost without a trace. Integrity was never the same after "Seasons in the Size of Days" and I still find "Hell on Earth" to be a severely underrated record that's an extremely close second to even the finest material from Integrity's heyday. Good stuff. Hope you enjoy the unreleased EP.

On the way…

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2005 @ 2:48pm » permalink

Over the weekend I started digitizing a bunch of stuff that I'll be posting in the coming months. This week, possibly tomorrow, I'll be posting the entire set of unreleased sessions from the In Cold Blood "Suicide King" EP with what little information I have regarding the tunes, and among the other EP's on deck are Krakatoa's "Clouds Burned by Sunshine", the self-titled Rash of Beatings EP, Umlaut's 6", the Tomsk-7/Boris split, and some "classic" (hey, I'm a sucker) New Jersey jams such as the Second to None/E.Town Concrete split and Fury of Five's rare "Convicted and Condemned" 7". I'll probably throw the Social Decay "Life's Not Hard…" 7" up sometime too, for a lesson in ultra ignored Jersey hardcore. I've got a ton of different shit I want to get up, it's just a matter of time. I dug out some old noise compilations and shit as well, such as the "G.A.S.K.R.I.E.G." tape, so I ought to get some of that going, too. We'll see… The aforementioned list is a pretty poor cross-section of the kind of stuff that I'll be offering since I was just in the mood for raging grind and ridiculous 90's metallic hardcore, but hey, some of that shit is way underrated, so hopefully people will enjoy it. It's hard to decide what to go with. I've got a bunch of super rare Cleveland shit that I haven't touched in years. Fuck. That Rash of Beatings 7" fucking kills, though. Seriously.

Ahhh, what a mess…

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005 @ 2:01pm » permalink

Within the next few days, maybe tomorrow, there'll be some jams up here to check out. I don't know from who yet, but I've got a decent amount of somewhat obscure shit that more people ought to check out. If nothing else it'll give me an excuse to make decent mp3's from some old demos or vinyl or whatever – like the unreleased In Cold Blood "Suicide King" EP, for example. I won't be posting shit every day or even every week, but… we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, read the Mission Statement for a better idea of what this hunk of crap is all about.

Oh, and I know this thing looks like dirt, but I don't have that much time to fuck around with customizing this junk. Fuck it, it should get the damn job done.